Yunde Wushu Grading System (Open Source)

Yunde Wushu Grading System


Due to the requests from several instructors, I’ve made this information free to share for all those who find it useful.


In Wushu, we don’t use belts like in Japanese Martial Arts. But sports practitioners (especially children) need to be motivated and be able to show something that proudly displays their abilities. Therefore, I’ve created this simple, colorful and free to use grading system. Please do with it what you want and complement it with any additional motivational goodies like stickers, pennants or (like us) a “wushu passport” in which the students can mark their progress. The forms listed are some of the ones we learn in our school, but you can adjust those to your own discipline.

I did not include quality criteria on how to perform the techniques and forms, but I trust that every instructor know where to obtain those.

If you choose to use this system, I’d love to see what changes you make to it! So please don’t hesitate to send your results to [email protected] or use #yunde on Social Media to let me know if you found it useful.

The package consists of an Excel file with the grading structure and a diploma for each level (Adobe Illustrator .ai file).


(right click on the icon & “save as…”)